Thompson Handcrafted Guitars

The Luthier: Bob Thompson

Bob Thompson isn’t afraid to try new things, and anytime someone starts pushing limits amazing things can happen. Not being content to build guitars like everyone else, over the past several years Bob has put his over 40 years of woodworking experience into creating guitars that are turning heads and catching ears.

Bob’s craftsmanship is respected by many outdoorsman who shoot his world renowned Zipper recurve bows. Using the intricate details of exotic woods and specialty techniques Bob created precision bows that hunters love. However, after many years of building the Zipper business he decided to turn his hand once again to building guitars.

National champion musicians and guitarists from across the nation are now playing Thompson guitars for their superior sound and immaculate hand craftsmanship. In Bob’s workshop, exotic tone-woods and custom techniques are brought together to create the Thompson guitar experience.

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