Consoleah Collectibles

by Tammy Freed

Coin rings, copper jewelry, spoon jewelry, wind chimes, and more!

Pronounced Con-so-leah Collectibles. We are designers of vintage spoon jewelry and more. The name Consoleah arose from combining our Mothers names. Consola and Leah. We are best known for “Where Collectibles Become Treasured Keepsakes” starting the business in 2012 with the usual spoon ring and bracelet. We pride ourselves today as being so much more than that.
We specialize in many items such as crickets, key chains, zipper pulls, flower vases, toothpick holders, mushroom wind chimes, fishing boat wind chimes, business card holders, hair barrettes, ceiling fan pulls, Christmas ornaments, Crosses, figurines, corn cob skewers, tooth brush holders, rings, cuff bracelets, charm bracelets, necklaces, and this list is ever growing and changing. We always tell our customers “Be sure to come back to the next festival. You just never know what we will have to offer.” Given we are still pretty new to this craft; we are humbled at the compliments our customers give us. Even more so when they are frequent return customers and have told their family and friends about the quality craftsmanship of our designs.

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